Private general practitioners for adults in the university campus of Masaryk University and Faculty Hospital Brno.

  Our equipment

Our practice is equipped by the modern device Quick read which allows measurement of the level of CRP (C-reactive protein – its level is increased mainly during bacterial infections). The reading is done from one drop of blood that is taken from the finger by a thin capillary.

The CRP level, combined with clinical examination, allows the doctor to decide whether to prescribe antibiotics as part of the treatment – therefore, we do not give antibiotics when it is not necessary! This testing is free of charge for our patients.

The device is also able to evaluate tests for occult (hidden) bleeding in stool. When compared to other commonly used tests ("boxes"), the device makes both qualitative and quantitative evaluations. Collection tubes ensure high comfort during the use by patients. This testing is covered by general health insurance for patients who are over 50 years old. Other patients could take this testing for a fee.

Our practice is also equipped by an ECG recording device.

Our practice has a children's playing corner for parents accompanied by children.

In the hospital campus territory, there are all the specialized practices, pharmacies and medical supplies shop.

  Preventive checks

Once in 2 years you are entitled to a free preventive check - adding medical history, physical examination and vaccination record control, basic blood sampling and testing of urine.

We remember about your preventive checks and we will actively remind you about them.

  Driving license

Examinations for prolonging the validity of a driving license due to age are obligatory by law at 65 and 68 years of age, and then every two years.


Adults are obliged to be vaccinated against tetanus. Re-vaccination is done every 10-15 years. This vaccination is fully covered by public health insurance. The vaccine is available directly at our practice.   

Moreover, we have at our practice a stock of vaccines against tick-borne meningoencephalitis (FSME) – prices are according to the price-list. Non-obligatory vaccinations might be partially covered by prevention programs of health insurance companies.

On request and with prior arrangement – we could supply any vaccine required.

General practitioner

We provide our registered patients with general practitioner comprehensive care. The medical care is fully covered by Czech public health insurance.

Pricelist of procedures not covered by Czech Republic health insurance.

The complete list of procedures not covered by Czech health insurance is found here

Where to find us

The practice is located in the building of Campus Clinics, Kamenice 32, 3rd floor.

The building (white facade, green sign) is located directly at the bus stop no. 61 and 69 Kamenice, next to the park Biology. It is fully wheelchair accessible. There is the parking just below the building – the first 30 minutes is free.

From the hospital get the exit through a "clean" gatehouse – the entrance to the street Kamenice.

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We cooperate with all the major Czech public health insurance companies.

Czech public health insurance companies

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